Discussion in 'Help Wanted' started by picklesquirt, Jun 1, 2016.

  1. picklesquirt

    picklesquirt Member

    I am trying to post some pictures of LV15 visited today.
    I have compressed them to 30kb ish but it is telling me " Sorry, you have reached the limit" when attaching only one file.
    Someone please tell what I am doing wrong.

  2. picklesquirt

    picklesquirt Member

    Having looked at this in the cold light of day the message is "Sorry, the board attachment quota has been reached"
    I've tried attaching a thumbnail 19KB this morning , but still the same message.
    Is this just me or a general issue???

  3. admin

    admin New Member

    Yes it was a general issue, have changed the settings.

  4. picklesquirt

    picklesquirt Member

    Thanks Paul,
    All worked fine now - hope I haven't been greedy.
    Should have added they are all Gardners, the singles I think re 1L2's but all brass plates have been polished to flat and unreadable.


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