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Discussion in 'Suppliers/Parts' started by TonyR, Jul 10, 2009.

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    Recently used Philip Daintree for a new set of Petter M type piston rings. He had the rings in stock, was very pleasant to deal with, and the rings were very reasonably priced.

    Philip can be contacted on tel no.: 01617 664487 (Located in Manchester area).
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    hi Kevin..can you please tell me what other bits he sells,does he only sell rings..
    many thanks,mike...
  4. mike d

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    hi tony..
    i cant get the link to work,is it the right one???
    many thanks,mike...
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    Very good service as well! The 78mm x 1/8th rings were great! got brilliant compression again!

    Cheers Steve
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    A quick Google shows them, amongst other things, to be a Rolls Royce Parts specialist: http://www.classiccarwebsite.com/board-bros

    Worth a phone call I expect...


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