Poorly Piggy, 1935 IHC LA.

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    My Uncle was moving on this IHC LA, I've always quite liked them and let one escape the pen before!

    It's a 1935 engine so a fairly early one, sadly it's gained a hand throttle lever, it should have the speed control knob akin to a WD style behind the flywheel. It also has the early type WICO H magneto which surprise surprise is open circuit!
    The first photo is my boy with the 1st one I had.
    116119589_205910960858721_7314016359827652548_n.jpg 113034635_723271551564198_3097653049983162058_n.jpg 118949348_666597957292319_5423080175886316141_n.jpg

    It does run but it's not well! As to be expected from a kaput magneto. Ross has done a fair amount of work, repairing the tank, making new gaskets to replace the instant snot, decarbonising and cleaning it off.

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    Some photos of the magneto and ignition coil with separate primary and secondary winding.

    119709741_1717757195067524_8839630962371998849_n.jpg 119643456_327241711689215_4651694906571465340_n.jpg 119651379_758598831590438_8904302286269889240_n.jpg 119670640_343219823792514_6663552029308851584_n.jpg 119741755_249521619641936_5660050569818231125_n.jpg

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