Removing Damaged Gib Key

Discussion in 'Hints & Tips' started by ozengine, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. ozengine

    ozengine Guest

    Over the years I have heard many people ask how to remove a Gib Key, I have
    recently removed the most difficult one I have seen, and of all the methods
    I have tried including drilling 5 inches to get one out, the method I used
    was by far the best.
    I had added HINTS to my web page ... 20Key.html
  2. Elden

    Elden New Member

    That's an interesting way of removing a stuck Gib key. At least one that is not broken off flush with the face of the flywheel.

    Using the pipe and welding the key to it never occurred to me but makes perfect sense.

    I think that the Gib key was invented by a demonic engineer who liked to think of all the pain and suffering he was going to be the cause off a hundred years in the future. :lol:
  3. llionellis

    llionellis New Member

    Thank you for sharing

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