Ruston Hornsby 2YBA / Swan 3-Phase Generator

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    Hello Folks,

    I have a Ruston Hornsby 2YBA powered "Swan" generator. I know the engines well enough but haven't come across this small a 3 phase generator before.

    Its a "Swan" by "Engine Applications Ltd" gen set, type RA6000 of 9.4kVA and 415/240v output.

    The generator head is a Stamford / Arthur Lyon type when they were part of the Newage Group.
    Type AB13 (I think, it may be AY13, the data plate is a little corroded), 9.4kVA, 1500rpm 415/240v etc.
    It's currently gently drying out before I attempt to megger/do any electrical work on it.

    "Engine Applications Ltd" dates it between '59 and '73, but beyond that I'm not sure.

    Can anyone date Rustons? Engine No. 486170

    Does anyone have a copy of the diagrams/service manual for the small Stamford/Lyon generator?

    Any assistance gratefully appreciated,

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