Ruston Lincoln genset

Discussion in 'Help Wanted' started by bgs, Mar 18, 2005.

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    I have a 2YWA MK2 Ruston Lincoln genset, which is only running on 1 of it's 2 cylinders. Both injection pumps & injectors appear to be fine, so tend to think it is either head gasket or valves or combination of both, which is the problem. however I have no workshop manual for this and do not want to under take any work on it, before I have striped down, re-assembly, torque settings, injection timing etc.

    I have searched the internet, for a manual, and/or any other pertinent information, but can find almost zero. That is except for Ray Hooley's site which gave me approx. date of manufacture, in the mid sixties.

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    Ruston 2YWA set

    Hi Bruce,
    I have an instruction and workshop manual for the ruston 2YWA engine, also have a gasket set and some piston rings (I have three 2YWA engines - one is the power unit for my welding generator)
    If you still need help, please email:
    Regards, Marcus

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