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  1. Glenreed

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    :wink: see you Tuesday Martin,
  2. EarlBathurst

    EarlBathurst Member

    Hi all,
    Sorry to tag onto this thread and i am probably being thick, but i can't seem to find the links to view the archive section on Petter M's
    I have two new arrivals and am trying to find out more about them.
    Any help appreciated !
  3. petternut

    petternut Administrator

    Once you select the "Arhive online", go to "Search" "Records" and enter the serial number.
    You appear to have been an authorised user of the archive since 2013 so perhaps there is a bug somewhere?
    Google Chrome has the odd issue and AOL cannot be made to work. You laso need to have the the pdf Plugin that comes with every browser enabled.
    Otherwise please raise a query with Paul giving details of what you did and where the problem ocurred.


    Edit - I just tried it and it brought up both your engines.
  4. EarlBathurst

    EarlBathurst Member

    Many thanks Roland. found them
    Best wishes,Karl.
  5. petternut

    petternut Administrator

    and very interesting they are.


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