side valve head gasket material

Discussion in 'Help Wanted' started by pp-admin, Oct 10, 2016.

  1. pp-admin

    pp-admin Member

    iam struggling to get hold of some very old head gaskets for 2 honda small generators.

    they are dinky little flat gaskets and could be easily made from pattern if only i could find a suitable sheet gasket material...

    any body any ideas for something suitable....there is a mass of sheet materials online but nothing seems suitable for head gasket work !!

  2. robtheplumb

    robtheplumb Member

    Can you not make them from sheet copper? Old hot water cylinder is ideal.
  3. Victoria

    Victoria Member

    Hallite or Klingerite, both come in various thicknesses. You can get Hallite with a stainless wire reinforcement. Try an engineers stockist. Works for me

  4. ButchC

    ButchC Member

    Gerry, I use Fel-Pro 2499 for such usages. This is a high temperature steel reinforced gasket material available at any auto parts store(this side of the lake :D ) and it works fine for head gaskets and is not expensive.


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