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Discussion in 'Help Wanted' started by picklesquirt, Aug 3, 2016.

  1. picklesquirt

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    Hi all,

    Has anyone any experience of using ordinary bathroom silicon sealant at higher temperatures. I have swmbo's stem generator iron all over the bench. Apart from the thermal fuse being open , 240deg, the steam generator box leaks and the gasket is in pieces. I guess it must run somewhat over 100deg C before water is pumped into it for instant steam. Russell Hobs don't seem to understand what spares are only is it in warranty? -- no it's over 10 yrs old.

    Thanks in anticipation

  2. lambe

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    Unless it is a high temperature type don't, the constituent parts of the resins break down often producing corrosive residue which attacks the parts, PTFE does a similar thing at aprox 200C. Remember where the joint is, the water isn't so the heat level can exceed what you might expect. best cut a thin paper and use Hylomar paste ( other products available).
    Good luck, Malcolm
  3. robtheplumb

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    Short answer. No, it's not going to work.

    But having said that there are silicone sealants for flue use and some of these have a very high temperature rating. Just Google flue silicone and check the ratings before you buy.
  4. highrange

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    There are silicone "goos" for use as gaskets, and some are high-temperature capable ... or indeed the flue-sealant types.

    I've an after-market silencer on the bike, and, interestingly, the manufacturer specifically recommends "ordinary" silicone sealant when fitting ......... but it's not very hot, and no great pressure involved.
  5. TangyeDan

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    I can see Russell Hobbs' point. You've had ten years plus out of it, and you can buy a new one for 25 quid. Not worth even taking it to bits IMHO.

  6. picklesquirt

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    Thanks for all the comments, I think I'll use a high temperature silicon it's not a flat surface seal more like a square section "O" ring in a slot and a raised section in the lid that bears on it.

    p.s It's the challenge of fixing it and you don't know my wife , it will be a £150+ to replace it. :lol:
  7. campingstoveman

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    When we build our industrial flat pack walk through washing machine we seal the chamber joints with a silicone type sealant capable of at least 100 degrees C its comes from italy and I dont have any on the van at present but I can get you a tube next Thursday when I go to the office for parts.
    Forgot to add, I also try and fix it before we replace it, I'm not tight but as a mechanical engineer I enjoy repairing and making parts to keep something going, its to easy to bin it and buy sometimes inferior replacements.
    Martin P
  8. picklesquirt

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    Many thanks for your kind offer of help. I have been shopping locally today, bought some silicone flue sealant from Screwfix, they claim it's ok to 300degC . Also found the thermal fuse in Maplin.

    Thanks a lot
  9. picklesquirt

    picklesquirt Member

    Hi all,

    Well it appears ok, had a test run by management today and looks good. Eventually made a gasket with some black silicon sleeving from the junk box which happened to be a perfect fit in the groove. Time will tell if it holds up, now the thermostat on the AGA is dying , nothing £50 won't fix for a new one -- no wonder I don't get enough time for engines.

    Having said that I have had a bit of light relief helping a friend who has a Blackstone springer 38 hp GS1. He acquired it a couple of years ago as a kit of bits on pallets and did not even know if it was all there so we have done a loose assembly and it is looking good. Unfortunately he has some barley to get in first so progress will be slow. I'll be back here when she is properly fixed down and tightened up with some questions on starting her up. Will 150psi air be any good to turn her over or do we need to be looking for a better compressor ?

    Cheers for now

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