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    i have had a fantasy about fitting my ideal (imaginary!!) emergency generator with a spring starter motor on the basis that a flat battery would prevent an emergency power plant from starting and i need to be feeling very strong to use the starter handle. Iam looking to create the ultimate KISS principle generator that has minimum to fail or go wrong.

    has anyone ever used/fitted one of these spring units??

    i know the original design was a Simms product and is pre ww2 in origin. i still think they are being made today in some form for specific applications. i have never seen one in real life but i do know a few old lister jp3 ministry warsets were fitted with get one of those old lumps going, the starter must contain one immaculate bugger of a spring needing to be wound up by popeye after eating a ton of spinach !!!

    flat batteries are a consistant misery in my life and a spring starter is of great theoretical interest.

    anyone care to shatter my fancifull illusions. ??

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    Hi gerry I'm a brand new member who joined to begin with just to answer your question although I realize it is quite out of date, but if you re still looking for information I can tell you how they work etc as I worked in the Simms Branch organization for some years and ran one of their workshops.I have some prepared detail already but I think an E.mail attachment would be the best way,, I'm on facebook as well but usually get messages all mixedup the way they work !
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    hi ken.

    my reply is only slightly less timely than your orignal reply to my 2016 post !!
    anyway...HELLO !!

    i lost my password for internal fire so been off it for a long time.

    i am delighted that you worked for Simms and have knowledge of these spring starters.

    i have never seen a real one or used one but i have suffered from flat/dead starter batteries over many years on tractors and stationary engine and many many times wondered the benefits of a spring starter as the ultimate fail safe for big heavy engines like the Lister JP3 and 4 which can be horrendous old buggers to start in the cold.

    I dont know if anyone ever fitted a spring starter to these old Listers?

    the best they ever had was a factory option for an old CAV battery starter (B5 series starter from memory ??)...these were bomb proof quality but obviously needed battery power .

    I think critcial backup power solutions still use spring starters so i suppose they are still made somewhere but my prefernce would be to find an old Simms unit assuming it can be made to fit a JP3 ringgear and mounting details.

    great to read your post and sincere apologies for such a delay in replying. I hope you are well.
    If i did not have so many old engines to mess around with over the last Covid year, I think Iwould have gone totally bonkers !!!!

    Lister to the rescue yet again .

    Kind Regards, Gerry

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