Small end lubrication on large 1920's horizontal engines

Discussion in 'Help Wanted' started by gatesy, Sep 8, 2016.

  1. gatesy

    gatesy New Member

    I have been reading about getting lubrication the little end of large horizontal petrol engines, the text, which is a translation, refers to a slot in the piston that a mechanical oiler drips oil into, and then through a pipe to the little end. Does anyone have any pictures of such a setup?

  2. grendel

    grendel Member

    It's basically just a hole in the piston on the top.
    A mechanical oiler drips oil in the hole half way up the bore and this ends up at the little end.
  3. gatesy

    gatesy New Member

    Oh right thanks, iI have seen a hole drilled through the piston to the small end which lines up with a hole in the bore. I guess this keeps the cylinder wall lubricated and the small end bearing?
  4. grendel

    grendel Member

    Exactly. There should be an oil line from the lubricator to the hole half way up the bore.
    In some engines there is a second line to the bottom of the liner. Lubricating the lower end of the piston in bottom position.
    I have an engine that has four lubricating points in the liner.

  5. Oil Power

    Oil Power New Member

    As this lubrication system is not very positive, I always squirt some oil into the little end when starting my Crossley.

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