Spec12 or 11???

Discussion in 'Identification' started by EarlBathurst, Oct 12, 2014.

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    Hi all, Today i picked up my first shafty Lister D. To cut a long story short i won it on e-bay, i only bid on it because it was in the next village to where i grew up, and as it turned out it was a chap i've known many years from school days!
    Now, it's a spec 12- or is it? Both the id plate and the flywheel are matched with the same number 94986 Which DWE has come back with the following; To H.Lawrence of Horsham. 11/6/30. Now if you look at the flywheel stamping you can see under the heavy stamping, more numbers;92119- i think! This combined with the fact it has a screw in oil filler according to the lister D story makes it a Spec11 !!
    What are your thoughts on this chaps, also what type of Mag do you thinks it should have as presently it has a SR1 fitted, albeit a good one !
    Thanks Karl,
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    My thought is that you have one of those 'hybrid' spec 11/12 D types made during the time Dursley were doing the modification to the head at around that date and after Freeman - Sanders left the company. See David's Engine Torque in Stationary Engine magazine earlier this year when he discussed it at some length. The head is to the later spec and has the spark plug thread parallel to the plane of the head face.
    The fact that it is on what appears to be an original sheep shear can also be a factor in why it was altered.

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