"start pilote"...ether based cold starting spray

Discussion in 'Help Wanted' started by pp-admin, Jul 18, 2016.

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    i have known about bradex and a few other starting aids for many years.

    what i did not know is that the "start pilote" brand (owned by holts...i think??) went one step further than a simple spray can squirted into the air intake by hand adhoc kind of thing and came up with a dinky little servo controlled pump injector hard plumbed into the inlet manifold as a permanent starting system aid.

    the pump gets a trigger signal off the starter motor and injects a spray of ether liquid from a small bulk tank that is filled as and when needed from a special kind of aerosol with a weird little valve on it.

    apparently Leyland trucks had this system in the uk until EU dingbats banned it as the chemcial was rather horrible (as indeed WAS the EU but soon no more..yippeee !!)

    anyway, i have got my start pilots sytem working but used up the little bit of ether fluid i had. is this stuff available anywhere ???

    it surprises me that this sytem was an original lister dursley factory option and actually does appear in the late 70's manuals. it does certainly make an old lister diesel roar into life !!


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    I've had a quick poke around and can't find any sources of the fluid... although aerosols seem to be plentiful. But Google brought up some pictures/drawings of the system .... seems to have been popular with Unimogs.
    http://www.benzworld.org/forums/unimog/ ... pilot.html

    Just a thought, but would something similar (a la Kigass) using petrol as a volatile liquid work ...... or indeed something to introduce butane (lighter fuel) into the air manifold ?

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