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Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Ferret01, Jan 27, 2021.

  1. Ferret01

    Ferret01 Member

    I'm decluttering and have the following Stationary Engine magazines to get rid of. Postage/packing will be worked out depending on what you want but obviously because of the weight collection is probably the best option.(Probably after lockdown)
    1993 complete, 1994 complete, 2005 complete, 2012 complete, 2013 complete, 2014 complete, 2015 complete
    2016 complete, 2017 complete, 2018 complete, 2019 complete, 2020 complete. All complete years £20/year
    1984 March and April £2
    1985 September and October £2
    1990 September and April £2
    1991 missing Jan - April £15
    1992 Missing September £18
    2008 September only £1
    2009 March only £1
    2010 Missing September £18
    2011 Missing October £18
    Thanks for looking,
  2. air-cooled

    air-cooled Member

    When I tried to sell mine I found it very difficult. There didn't seem to be much of a market for old copies of SEM. I tried ebay and FB with almost no response on either. Ended up selling 38 complete years for £60 and thought myself lucky. Hope you do better than I did !
  3. Ferret01

    Ferret01 Member

    Update £40 the lot
  4. petternut

    petternut Administrator

    Looks like I'm destined to keep my full set! I wonder what the current circulation is?
    I believe the younger generation expect everything via (anti)social media and prices for all but the very best paper have crashed.
  5. Ferret01

    Ferret01 Member

    Second update
    What the hell, free to a good home if you can come and get them.
  6. Ferret01

    Ferret01 Member

    Third update
    Just found the rest of 1984 and Jan to August 1985
  7. fowlerfan

    fowlerfan Member

    Its weird how times change. I spent quite a bit during the early 00s completing my collection...I remember buying a job lot of early issues unsure what was in the lot but amazed to find the first 20 odd issues in great condition, just what I needed...was well chuffed..... Now folk struggle to move sets on. I will be hanging on to mine, one of the best archives for the hobby, particularly the 80s/early 90s issues. I suppose the downside is the space to keep them all but I do like being able to pick up a binder and having a flick through the old issues.

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