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    An enthusiast in Shropshire has had his entire engine collection stolen recently while away at a family bereavement in Devon. Enthusiasts offered any items resembling the following are requested to contact the West Midlands Police, address as supplied below:
    The Police details are as follows:
    Crime Number 22/72262/21, West Midlands Police Constable Jamie Magee 07817 158319 or 101 ext 7773906

    Unfortunately there are no surviving photographs of any of stolen items and just the serial number of the Victoria{2868) but the following is a list:

    Victoria 7HP, S/N 2868 *
    Amanco 2.75HP on trolley{engine painted green) *
    Fairbanks 3HP on skids (Salter & Stokes suppliers transfer} *
    Lister B 3HP on skids *
    Lister A 3HP as found
    Bamford 1.5HPon 2 wheel trolley *
    Petter M 5 HP as found
    Fowler i.5HP radiator cooled dismantled
    Lister D 1.5 hopper cooled *
    Lister D 15 radiator cooled *
    Lister D close coupled tank cooled with replica tank
    Fairbanks 1.5HP headless on skids *
    Fairbanks 3HP as found HT
    Wolesley 1.5HP WD8 painted blue *
    Lister L type twin with free-standing original radiator as found
    Lister L type on skids as found No cooling tank
    Lister Startamatic 1.5KW as found No control gear
    Land Rover engine 1948 incomplete
    Lister water pump
    Newton dynamo 24volt
    MAC centrifugal pump
    Old oak 4 wheel engine trolley
    Dennis 36’’mower with fibreglass grass box
    Howard Gem rotavator JAP engine incomplete and rusty
    Lister butter churn
    Petter A 1.5HP dismantled

    Asterisk denotes older restoration. All others are as found.
    These details are on Facebook and will appear shortly in Stationary Engine Magazine

    Thank you
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    Very sad to read this, mostly common engines but you cant replace sentiment at any cost! A scout round Midlands scrapyards might be worth a punt? I believe mixed scrap is up to £200 a ton. Hope its a happy ending....
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