TANGYE 'O' Type oil engine S/N 5956B 5HP

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    A fellow club member here in Australia is currently restoring a Tangye Type O oil engine and has hit a hurdle with a damaged part that he would like some info on. The part in question is the Half Compression Lever (unsure if that's the correct name) that engages with/onto the exhaust rocker and aids in starting the engine. The end of this part had been broken off prior to receiving the engine and he would like to replicate it. The end of the exhaust rocker arm has been broken off too and he would like to replicate this as well.
    Does anyone have the same type of engine or know of someone that has the same type of engine that he could possibly get some dimensions off or even a manual or a drawing/tracing.
    He has previously been in contact with Kerry Morris (Tangye Register) regarding this engine.
    If anyone has any info at all that I could pass on it would be much appreciated. Happy to pass on contact details if preferred.
    Jeff Ryan.
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    Hi, If you can let me know the bore and stroke to confirm the size I can then probably help you with a drawing of an original half compression lever. The end of the rocker should be easy enough to replicate. I would be surprised if Kerry hadn't been able to help. Send me a private message for contact details


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    G'day Dan,

    PM sent.

    Jeff Ryan.

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