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    Hi guys, 1st post so go easy!
    I have picked up a J type Lister that used to run on town gas, its missing a few bits but nothing major, what i would like to know is, have many people got 1, if so how are they running it now at shows etc?
    Im thinking a propane bottle but what kind of pressure etc?
    Also anyone got any pics of their mixer unit, i think mines complete apart from gas connection and an intake filter, if it ever had 1.
    I would like to make it run on gas if possible rather than stick a carb on it.
    Have some pics but wont upload them saying there to large? Im not a tech with this phone so cant figure out a way of making them smaller or whatever!
    Thanks in advance, Ted.
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    I use Pixresizer, its free on the internet easy to use and will reduce to what ever size you want, you can resize in bulk or single pictures. Some where in my paper work I have an original blue print that I acquired years ago for a large Lister gas engine installation, I cant promise but will try to find it.

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