Twyford Waterworks End of Season Rally

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    Well here we are again, Twyford Waterworks End of Season Rally, Sunday October 7th.
    Any of you lads who can make it we have the Hathorn Davey triple expansion engine in steam, and there is a rumour that the mighty Ruston 4VER (all 95 ltrs of it) will be "under test" at certain times of the day.
    This will be the first time it's run in preservation having been dormant for over 40 years and never before seen by the public.
    Official release to the populace will be next year at our May Open Day.
    We'll also have our 1910 Swift Radford running for your delight and like as not the 2PS from Otterborne.
    Come along, bring an engine, have a burger and enjoy!

    Exhibitors booking details from our website or for any other old guff call me on 07933779919.


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