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Discussion in 'Help Wanted' started by TonyR, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. petternut

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    Don't forget that many firms in Europe also used British threads. The Museum's Sulzer for example uses a strange version of Whitworth.
    I'm away to IF for a few days labouring now but will have a look through my electrical books when I return.

    Best of luck with your quest
  2. menascej

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    am i correct in my observation that the thingy in the middle of that coil has a sort of crank on it? could it have been part of an auto start mechanishsm like a solenoid or a cut out device.

    it does look very well made, almost the same concept as our Train engine which is two stroke but has the engine mounted independantly of and inside a frame/base. does the plug say where it was made?
  3. TonyR

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    Yes it does have a crank on it. My thought was that is was to regulate the voltage in conjunction with the third brush by distorting the field. This is just an assumption as I have never seen it before, and I can't think of another reason for a third brush on what I presume is a fixed speed generator. The third brush is usually used on automotive generators which vary in speed, to keep the voltage low at high speed using the distortion of the field. I may be totally wrong in this assumption. The set has a number of unusual design features including the big end design which I have never seen before but is a good simple idea.
    Keep the idea's coming I am sure it will be identified one day
  4. menascej

    menascej Member

    any idea what the crank on the device was connected to?
  5. TonyR

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    No. I have no idea, the control box is missing.

  6. TonyR

    TonyR New Member


    I have no new info, just trying to stop the enquiry dropping off the page.


  7. menascej

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    this is most infuriating... no one on Smokestak, here or in SEM, maybe something in the next few coming up...

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