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Discussion in 'Identification' started by rookesy, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. rookesy

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    I am hoping someone can help identify this pumpset I have just acquired. There is a serial number 231283 with possibly a number 1 above. I cannot see name at all. I am guessing there was a shroud of some sort at the front but that is long gone.
    The carb is a Zenith with the numbers 8RV2 and underneath that N26216. I cannot see how it was started but there is what looks like it could have been a splined shaft between the engine and the pump.
    The blue ruler is a foot long for comparison. Unfortunately the mag is also missing qsT2rLcGTCGsCOPKklwS8g.jpg sclyqZNTRFy1m4yHxwopxw.jpg 32SzJ4vlTPSq6YSogPwjOg.jpg MKhYpfPPRcGQ5GbUC3fmSg.jpg
  2. TangyeDan

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    Looks like a Bernard Pump Set that's missing its cowling/fuel tank and the starter lever. Google Image search shows a few good examples.

  3. rookesy

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    Hello DH,
    Thanks for that I did wonder if it was French from the general appearance and the wheels. Having Googled it I think it is a Moteur Bernard K2 and there are pictures of quite a few. with and without the tin work. I think I have my work cut out to getting it running.
    Thanks again

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