Unknown Small Horizontal Gas Engine

Discussion in 'Identification' started by admin, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. admin

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    Anyone any ideas on this recently arrived small gas engine, apologies for the blurry second pic



    The engine has been in store with Bolton Museum Service since the 70's and has now passed to us.

  2. Numpty1

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    I would suggest a Henry Butler Hercules circa 190?, looking in the A-Z. Could be a Madison version as there seems to be a link between the 2 companies.

    I dunno, first a hot fog machine and now a Handbag engine. Are you going soft P? :lol:

  3. admin

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    Nothing wrong with handbag engines, just need to finish the handbag shelf in Hall 2 :)

  4. ian666

    ian666 Member

    I didn't know you had planned a handbag shelf for hall two and here you are saying it needs finishing. Quick work indeed. :wink:

  5. petternut

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    But which is hall 2 :)

  6. admin

    admin New Member

    The one with the big sign that says "HALL 2".

  7. jrhartley

    jrhartley New Member

    Its the one with clock,
    urrrrrrrrrrrrrr they all got bloody clocks!!!
  8. admin

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    Tick Tock, Lots of Clocks :)

    Even more now, can't here the engines for the noise from all the BL**DY CLOCKS"""""


    Internal Fire Museum of Horology
  9. jrhartley

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    "no matter how many clocks you have, you will never be abel to make up for the time you have lost!" JR Hartley

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