Villiers carburettor Type B10\1

Discussion in 'Help Wanted' started by Tornado, Sep 20, 2004.

  1. Tornado

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    I recently purchased a Winget 3TA mixer (1965 model) and am having problems identifying the type of Villiers engine it uses. It is certainly a RG model, but as there is no engine plate on it I am not sure if it is a Mk10 or a Mk12. Further confusion results from the carburettor used - a Villiers Type B10\1 - that I cannot find any information on. The engine runs, but the mixture is far too rich and quickly 'drowns' the plug, hence the need to get some information on setting up the carburettor. Anybody know where I can find relevant information?

  2. paddington

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    The best source of info and parts for villiers engines is Meetens Ltd, Unit 2, Eclipse trading Estate, 30 West Hill, Epsom, KT19 8JD.
    0845 634 0295.
    I have various owners manuals for engines fitted with the B10 carb and can photo copy those pages if it will help.
    Angus Shapland 01580 764889
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    B10/1 carb

    Hi Angus.
    The copies would help me no end, I am trying to restore a Mk12 engine & the lower part of the carb is missing so I don't even know what it looks like. Any info at all would be v.much appreciated.
  4. pockets

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    Hello OM, Have a look at this site and down load a manual for free, mk10 and mk12 manuals.
    I have a few spare villiers bits if u need anything?.
  5. yorky344

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    Thanks pockets, I've done that but the 10-12 manuals don't cover the B10.
    However Paul pointed me at the Mk7 manual which does show that particular carb. I now know that I am only short of the Air Filter unit. I also need a new head gasket as the old one separated when I removed the head. Am I right in assuming that the MK10 & 12 shared the same head gasket.
  6. pockets

    pockets New Member

    Yes 10 and 12 same head gasket. so were many of the other parts.
  7. pockets

    pockets New Member

  8. yorky344

    yorky344 New Member

    Cheers pockets, I will have a look on the Winget site, I down loaded the manuals from this site & the B10 carb is not listed in them. Maybe the Winget manuals are later versions as I am told that the B10 carbs were the last ones used.
    Thanks again.

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