What engine???

Discussion in 'Identification' started by meisteradam, Sep 19, 2013.

  1. meisteradam

    meisteradam New Member

    Hello enginefriends

    I am from germany and I am looking for informations about this engine.
    There is no number or anything else written on the engine.
    Perhaps someone knows something about???
    Best regards
  2. admin

    admin New Member

    I'll swop you for a compressor :)

    Cannot help on the id I'm afraid.

    Hazel is in the museum painting your wall :)

  3. robtheplumb

    robtheplumb Member

    Looks a bit Loughborough to me, my first thoughts, but I know nothing.
  4. meisteradam

    meisteradam New Member

    More pictures

  5. petternut

    petternut Administrator

    I'll consult the A-Z over the weekend. When you convert it back to hot-tube I'd like to give that CAV magneto a home (I need one for Petter M 2.5 hp. serial 50052).


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