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Discussion in 'Identification' started by jrhartley, Apr 7, 2013.

  1. jrhartley

    jrhartley New Member

    For those NOT on Facebook can you tell me where I was today?
  2. petternut

    petternut Administrator

  3. campingstoveman

    campingstoveman Active Member


    You were obviously in the engine room of a vessel and from what you told me at IF I would guess you were moored off the coast of France :D shame there is a modern smoke detector on show.

    Martin P
  4. jrhartley

    jrhartley New Member

    no and no :roll:
  5. FDEO

    FDEO New Member

    How about Chatham?
  6. grendel

    grendel Member

    Looks like the engine room of a sub.

  7. jrhartley

    jrhartley New Member

    correct and correct
    Chatham Historic Dockyard a most interesting day! I highly recomenend it, but you will need the best part of a day, as we had 6 hours there and still had 2 sections left to do when it closed.
    The submarine was the Ocelot well done guys sorrry no prizes though.
  8. campingstoveman

    campingstoveman Active Member


    I got it half right, the engine room of a vessel :D I wouldnt mind but I've been to Chatham docks with my mate Peter and we were shown around the submarine by a very knowlegeable young lady who new it backwards, we then went onto the Cavalier class destroyer where the guide kept getting it wrong and Peter kept putting him right, politely I might add, the guide then suggested that Peter take the tour as apparently he new more than him to which Peter replied I hope so as I served for several years aboard one of its sister ships as a Royal Navy Sailor as an Electrical Technician, from then on the guide kept asking Peter questions :lol:

    Martin P
  9. jrhartley

    jrhartley New Member

    The Cavalier was a bit disapointing as you could not get down to the engine deck. But all in all a great day out and I will hopfully return within 12 mounths to see the rest as you ticket is valid for a year :)
  10. highrange

    highrange Member

    When I was a youngster, and probably too young to appreciate what i saw, warships and subs used to regularly dock in Cardiff, and were opened to the public, so I've memories of looking around the nether regions of various vessels, torpedo rooms etc. Can't get anywhere near the dockside anymore, let alone onto the ships! Ah well.
    But about four years ago, in the course of work we found ourselves working on a computer printer on a Customs Cutter, and asked, just in conversation, what engines it had. By chance we were speaking to the ship's chief engineer, who was overjoyed to be able to show off his territory (as I recall 3 big Caterpillar diesels, plus other smaller engines for thrusters,generators etc)....... much more enjoyble than fiddling with a printer!
  11. ploughman

    ploughman New Member

    Hi everyone,
    I too was disapointed with Cavalier, though I doubt that it would be possable to open the machinery spaces to the general public. From memory the access is very restricted, the Boiler rooms through a small airlock, and the engine rooms via small hatches and verticle ladders.

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