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  1. lambe

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    Open Sunday 9th December 11.00 till 4.00.
    3 water wheels running, I/C engines, various small (real working)steam engines, various large steam engines up to250hp running, blacksmiths working, 7,1/4 inch gauge railway and Santa will be calling in as well. All welcome.
    J 35/36 M1 south yorks, just off A616/A628
  2. jrhartley

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    Do you mean Sudnay the 8th sane day as Victorian Night?
  3. ian666

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    I should be able to pay a visit Malcolm, I can't get down to I.F. as I don't fancy another 14 hour round trip in one day. I must be home the following day, and I'm doing a transport job for someone Friday/Saturday. I have intended to visit several times, but never seem to have had the time.

  4. admin

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    Might be something to collect for IF...... :)

  5. ian666

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    Hope it's not over a ton and less than 8 feet long :lol: Don't forget the stuff at RMS (if it's ready to collect). Should be at I.F. on 29th Dec after a visit to Much Wenlock if plans work out.

  6. admin

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    Should be seeing you at Gary's do.

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