would the AMAZING MR PERMAN please now log in !!!

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    You failed in your promise to give SE magazine readers more tales from the CAV manufacturing empire days. !!!!!!!

    I will forgive you if you can please help me out with something else !!!!......

    I have just bought some old stock Lister pump elements.....

    They are stamped Lucas and are clearly in the traditional CAV style and to the same standard....Problem is the date code stamped on them says "KTT" which is outside my reference lookup ability as its three not two letters. Do you have any idea when it was made...My guess is its not that old ??

    Hope you can help,


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    You cheeky SOB, I'm still writing the article, I'm up to four pages of A4 and still keep thinking of more to write, its a good job I don't know as I feel like I wouldn't tell you after that :shock:

    Martin P
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    well thats some good news at least. !!!!

    I have always been fascinated by CAV made stuff. It says a lot about the challenges in making metal to such fine tolerances that Lister tried to make injectors and gave up in the 1930's.
    I have a couple of Indian made Bosch Mico elements for retrofitting in old Listers, !!! YUK !!! Parts of the piston look like they have been finished with a grinding wheel !!

    all the best,


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