Engines are the heart of the
industrial revolution and have driven
the development of the modern world.

As things evolve and the technologies used for power generation and transport change there is a need to preserve and showcase steam and internal combustion engines which have been such an important part of the last two centuries. Here at IF we keep these wonderful machines alive and on display for the public to see.

Opening Hours

Weekends and Bank Holidays at the moment See Events for additional opening

The museum has a number of special event weekends over the year. Additional events will be advertised on the museum Facebook page

Events Page

Ongoing Exhibitions

Diesel Engines up to 32 tons
Steam Engines

Tangye, Ruston, Lister and many other internal combustion engines plus steam engines from Hathorn Davey, Belliss & Morcom etc

Significant Objects

Oldest running Diesel in the UK
Several IMechE Engineering Heritage Award winners
New motorcycle section

Examples of many special and significant designs

Engines still
power the world

From Watt to Whittle Internal Fire houses working examples of steam, paraffin, petrol, diesel and even a 4000 horsepower jet engine all run regularly.

The museum operates internal combustion engines on a daily basis and steam engines on certain days each month of operation from Easter until October.

As well as engines and generators we display driven and related equipment which includes GPO telephone exchanges and vintage radio equipment. The Exchange Rooms are popular with young and old and show equipment covering a century of telecommunications history.